Designed and Assembled in Puerto Rico


La Costa Necklace

The Costa Necklace is a 24k Gold Plated shell necklace inspired by the Diodora Shell. This shell's design allows it to play a major role in the marine ecosystem by providing shelter for small organisms. The Costa Necklace serves as a physical reminder of the importance of offering support and protection to those around us.

La Playa Earrings

The Playa Earrings are inspired by the diverse colors of the ocean. Just as each shore showcases its unique blend of colors, the Amazonite Stone represents this individuality. Each Playa Earring set is one-of-a-kind , with no two designs featuring the same color scheme, celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of nature's hues.

La Espuma Bracelet

The Espuma Bracelet is inspired by the constant ocean currents and the crisp sea foam that appears on the shore. This idea is represented by Clear Quartz Nugget Chips and symbolizes the opportunity to start anew. Just as the tides flow and change, they offer us the chance to reset and embrace new beginnings.

Behind the

La Costa Collection

Just as the ocean harbors countless mysteries, we too possess unexplored depths. The Summer Collection encapsulates this essence. Each design in this collection resonates not only with the ocean's intricate ecosystem but also compares it with our identities. Every creature and element in the ocean plays a fundamental role, and while their impact may not always be noticeable, it is always powerful. Each creature possesses unique traits that make them valuable, mirroring our own worth.

We may not always recognize these traits within ourselves, but they exist nonetheless. As you select a piece from this collection, choose one that speaks to what you want to celebrate about yourself or the qualities you wish to cultivate more of. Let these new designs symbolize our readiness to explore and embrace the challenges of uncovering our true selves. Just as the ocean holds endless possibilities and surprises, we also hold the potential for growth and transformation.